How to perform Zomato merchant login

About Zomato –

Hello readers! Welcome to a quick article on How to perform Zomato merchant login . Zomato is an online platform for the ordering food through online medium from the various business partners from the zomato. Founded in 2008, the headquarter of Zomato is in India. The user can order the food, select the nearest or bestest restaurants, food outlets, get discounts on ordering of the food or even in restaurants.

How to perform Zomato merchant login

Registration process –

The registration process for the Business purpose from the Zomato or one can say that for the merchants need the given steps, just follow the steps to register your business set up –

  • Enter the website name at the web browser
  • Or user can also enter this URL
  • After entering the website the main page or the home page will open up.
  • Now in the homepage the user has to Yes I’m interested option.
  • The registration procedure is very similar, the user has to enter the Sign in option.
  • Now, there are three ways to register –
  • Through the Facebook – The user can click on the sing through the Facebook option, the next step will be to enter the credentials of the Facebook like Email id and password  and now click on the yes option.
  • Through the gmail – The procedure is similar to the earlier ones, the user has to click on the very option and enter the Gmail credentials like Email Id and password and then click on the sign option.
  • Through usual method where the user has to enter their any email id and has to set the password.
 How to perform Zomato merchant login

How to perform Zomato merchant login –

The login procedure is also very similar, the steps are as following –

  • Enter the website name at the web browser or /merchant_login.
  • Now at the homepage there is an option EMAIL/ZOMATO USERNAME.
  • Enter accordingly and then press on the option Log in.
  • Now in the new page enter the password and again click on the Login button.

Forget the password – 

In the homepage click on the option forget the password, enter the email id and you will receive an link to reset the password.

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