Zomato Gold

Zomato Gold at a glance –

Hello readers! Welcome to a quick article on Zomato Gold. Zomato Gold is launched by the Zomato with the exclusive offers, packages for their exclusive customers; it is a sign of privilege as their customer can perform various things with the Zomato Gold. The exclusivity of dine out and social drinking membership program offers range of services like complimentary drinks free at happy hours and many more exciting things an your own favourite restaurant. 

Zomato Gold

How to register for the Zomato Gold

The registration process is like a cakewalk, the customers have to follow to given steps –

  • Type in the Zoamto website name at the web browser or copy paste the given URL https://www.zomato.com.
  • In the  main page at top the customer will see an option ‘Introducing Zomato Gold – An exclusive Membership Club- Join Now’ in the golden colour.
  • Next step is to click on the Join Now option.
  • Now the customer will see an option coming out which says membership fee and then join now.
  • Click on the very option, In the new page you will see a couple of joining option –
  • Register via Facebook – The users can click on the option through the Facebook option, and in the next step the user has to enter the credentials of the Facebook like Email id and password  and now click on the yes option.
  • Through via gmail – The customer has to click on the given option and enter the Gmail Email Id and password and then click on the sign option.
  • Through  conventional method where you have  to enter their any email id and has to set the password.

Login procedure –

The login procedure is not very complex, the steps are as following –

  • Enter the website name or you can copy paste the URL at the web browser https://www.zomato.com.
  • Now at the main page there is an option EMAIL/ZOMATO USERNAME.
  • Enter the credentials and then press on the option Log in.
  • Now in the new page enter the password and again click on the Login button.

Forget the password – 

  • In the homepage, the users has to click on the option forget the password.
  • Now, the user has to  enter the email id and you will receive an link to reset the password.

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